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Rehabilitation Department is responsible in providing a quality service within allocated resources which optimized independence, reduce impairment and enhance the life skill in a person with physical, developmental, cognitive, psychological, psychosocial and speech problems. Our service are concerned with facilitating the restoration of physical, sensory and mental capacities that were lost or impaired due to injuries, illnesses or diseases so as to enable the person to live and work as normally and independently as possible.

Facilities and services:

1.   Physiotherapy

  • Electrotherapy Treatment Area – Pain management area where majority of patients with musculoskeletal and neurogenic pain are managed. This area is equipped with the current physiotherapy modalities.
  • Cardiorespiratory Treatment Room – This room is to cater for clients with cardiorespiratory conditions. Service provided includes assessment, evaluation and chest physiotherapy.
  • Mechanical Traction cum Manual Therapy Room – This room equipped with one spinal traction unit and also where manual therapy is done for client with spinal problems.
  • Lympedematherapy room – This room is to cater for clients with swollen limbs due to lymphatic system impairment.
  • Gymnasium –Cater for child and adult clients with musculoskeletal and neurological problems who require physical and functional evaluations and treatments.
  • Homecare service – Physiotherapy is part of the multidisciplinary team approach that provides home care service which include consultation, assessment, treatment and home care advice and education to caregivers and family members.


2.   Occupational therapy

  •  Occupational therapy services include teaching activities of daily living skills; developing perceptual motor skills and sensory integrative functioning; developing play skills and prevocational and leisure capacities; or selective adaptive equipment; using specifically designed crafts and exercises to enhance functional performance; administering and interpreting tests, such as manual muscle and range of motion; and adapting environment for functional optimization.
  • Consultation room – This room for patient with psychological disturbances, stress related (neurosis symptom) or psychosis. Occupational therapist will consult, assess and treat accordingly to the needs such as relaxation therapy, stress management, anxiety management and etc.
  • Peadiatric Treatment Rooms – Cater for children with developmental problems, mentally and physically problems. The service divide into Physical Peadiatric (gross motor, fine motor and sensory integration) and Childs Psychiatric (Early Intervention Program)
  • Splinting and Pressure Garment Room – Cater for patient refer from multidisplinary departments who needs orthotic devices and pressure garments for scar compression or support garment.
  • Treatment Room - This room is equipped with tools that will help clients to achieve functional skill such as power hand grip, hands mobilization and coordination, as well as sensorimotor and cognitive skills.
  • Activity of Daily Living (ADL) Room – Room equipped with facilities for client to be trained in the aspect of daily routine as well as providing aids and adaptation and education program to facilitate independent living performance.
  • Home/Work/School visit – The service required according to the needs of patient who needs specific monitoring, guidance, evaluation and implementation based on each area of visit.
  • Therapeutic Garden – Privileges for the rehabilitation department for having leisure, or outdoor activity.


3.   Speech therapy

  •  Speech-language pathology services address normal and disorders in the following areas: language (comprehension and expression), speech sound production, voice, fluency and swallowing. These activities are conducted in a manner that take into consideration the impact of culture and uses the best available evidence for practice to ensure optimum outcomes.
  • The practice encompasses clinical services of screening, assessment/evaluation, diagnosis, treatment, intervention, consultation, prevention, education, collaboration, documentation and referral to the relevant medical services.

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