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                                                                         PUBLIC HEALTH UNIT

1.     Introduction

The Public Health Unit, Hospital Putrajaya was established in year 2001. In establishment time it have only one Assistant Environmental Health Officer U32. In year 2008 one designations of Assistant Environmental Health Officer U29 were being approved. Now, The Public Health Unit staffed by 2 people member who being co-operate to ensure The Public Health Unit activity run smoothly.

2.     Mission

To create hospital atmosphere and the environment that cheerful, comfortable, safe and under control from cause of infection disease.

3.    Objective

3.1   Plan and implement prevention and control of communicable diseases that are not 
       contagious and
spread from patient to patient, from patient to patient and from members
       of the public during their stay
in hospital.
3.2   Plan,   organize and coordinate the work of prevention and control of vector-borne
       diseases in the hospital. 

3.3   Plan, organize and coordinate the activities of the Food Safety and Quality at the hospital.
3.4   Plan, manage, coordinate and evaluate the activities related to the enforcement of Health 
        Acts in the
3.5   Plan, execute and monitor Occupational Health and Safety program at the hospital.
3.6   Plan, organize and coordinate to ensure all Putrajaya Hospital environmental area free
        from cigarette
smoke through anti cigarette monitoring program and enforcement.
3.7   Coorperate with Water Quality Control Unit at Putrajaya Health Office during water 
        sampling activities
and water testing analysis.

4.     Public Health Unit Function

4.1   Monitoring notification of infection disease case in Putrajaya Hospital.
4.2   Monitoring Vector control activity.
4.3   Carry out food premise inspection.
4.4   Carry out prohibition enforcement smoking activity compound in hospital.
4.5   Monitoring Water Quality Control activity.
4.6   Collaborating with Health Education Unit in promoting Environmental Health and Public 
        Health activities.

4.7   Investigate all case complain related to Environmental and Public Health.
4.8   Notification of communicable disease infectious operation.

5.    Activities For Major Functions

5.1   Ensure operation notification Putrajaya Hospital's infectious cases of the 
        disease according to need subsection 10 (2) Prevention And Control Of Communicable 
        Disease Act 1988 and used by to notify disease case that  are being treated 
        at Putrajaya Hospital.

    • Monitor notification infectious disease case.
    • Helps in preliminary investigation infectious disease case .
    • Provide monthly report.
    • Member of District Surveilance Commitee.
    • Member of District Outbreak Control Committee.
    • Investigate complaint about delay notification and death case in hospital.

5.2    Aedes study and vector control

 To ensure no larva breeding in hospital around the area and used by to monitor and wipe
 out larva in hospital around the area according to workprocedures that is fixed.

    • Aedes study all over Putrajaya Hospital area.
    • Conduct research ovitrap
    • Issue a warning letter if there is breeding.
    • Monitor activity abating and 'fogging' .
    • Investigate complaints relating vector control.

5.3   Food Quality Control

Ensure food production that conducted by premise and food presentation kitchen in Putrajaya Hospital were clean and safe to be eaten and used by during examiner and food handling monitoring follow the prescribed procedure.

    • Check food premises/ offering kitchen.
    • Monitor food sampling activity (Microbiology Test) to be delivered to Public Health Lab
    • Investigate complaints on Food Safety.

5.4    Enforcement Operation Ban Smoking In Hospital Area

Ensure no people that smoking in hospital compound. This in keeping with order and Malaysia Government circular that all public place and Government Premise were free from cigarette smoke and used by to monitor action and take on smoker by issuing warning letter or compound/summon on failure to obey no smoking order in Hospital Putrajaya Area.

    • Cigarette operation whole Putrajaya Hospital area.
    • Produce Court Attending Order Notice if necessary and record it.
    • Issue a warning letter or compound/summon.
    • Joint operation with Investigation And Procecution Unit from the Putrajaya District Health Office.
    • Provide investigation paper, report, charge sheet and summons for prosecution purpose in court.

5.5   Water Quality Control Monitoring

Monitor water supply cleanliness level in Putrajaya Hospital through water sampling which is done by   Water Quality Control Unit from the Putrajaya District Health Office.Receiving feedback of  water quality level monthly and investigate complaint relating water quality.

    • Cooperating in sampling activity water with Water Quality Control Unit at Putrajaya District Health Office.
    • Collect data and information on water quality parameter in hospital.
    • Investigate and report complaint relating water quality.
    • Monitor  the water storage tank wash activity in hospital.

6.     Other activities

6.1    Occupational Safety And Health.

 Ensure notification of occupational disease among workers cases been report, conducting
 early investigation about
incident and coordinate OSH committee activities.

    •  Acting as Safety Health Officer for practicing Occupational Safety Health Act in Putrajaya Hospital.
    • Planning and coordinate OSH Committee activities as secretary.
    • Give awareness about Occupational Safety And Health among hospital workers.
    • Manage and monitor Notification of Occupational Disease and Accident among hospital worker.
    • Investigating complaints that related to safety and occupational accident.

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