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Department of Psychiatry and Mental Health

The Department of Psychiatry and Mental Health provides specialty services that encompass:

Outpatient Clinic

The clinic operates everyday – morning and afternoon. It is collaborating with the Medical Specialist Clinic Counter E. The sessions are given via scheduled appointments according to the patient’s clinical condition and referrals.

Emergency cases are seen at the Emergency Department immediately.

In Patient Care

The patients are managed in the General Medical Wards and they are treated and nursed in the Medical setting.

Psychiatric Community Service

The Psychiatry Community Service provides home visits, where the treatment is continued in order to decrease the risk of relapse by identifying the early symptoms and strengthening the family involvement in the management of patient.

Community Mental Health Centre ( MENTARI ) Precinct 11

Community Mental Health Centre offers Outpatient services, Psychiatry Community Services and Rehabilitation. It also provides early screening for patients who do not have a diagnosis. The Rehabilitation programme and Occupational Therapy play an important role in the recovery of psychiatry patients. These services are offered to general psychiatry patients, geriatric age groups, children and adolescents with mental health disorders. The role of Community Mental Health Centre is to decrease the time of treatment in ward, to continue treatment intervention at home after the specialist consultation, to carry out psychosocial assessment, improve the support of family members and care givers through psycho education and identifying early symptoms which may reoccur.

Peripheral Clinic coverage

Psychiatric consultation and review are done at the peripheral clinic in order to facilitate patients to get optimum treatment near to their homes.

Objective Quality

80% of the all non-urgent new referrals will be seen at the specialist clinic within 4 weeks.

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