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The Hospital Supervision Unit is located on the ground floor at the main lobby of Hospital Putrajaya. The main focus of this unit covers the clinical management of Assistant Medical Officers professionalism as well as responsible for the Health Care Assistants and Daily Part-Time Workers (PSH). The unit is involve in assisting the hospital in matters relating to the administration and development aspect of Hospital Putrajaya. The unit is led by an Assistant Medical Officer Grade U42 as Head of Hospital Supervision Unit, responsible for supervisory activities, assisted by an Assistant Medical Officer grade U36, two Assistant Medical Officers grade U29 and a Health Care Assistant grade U14.



To generate an efficient and dedicated medical support team continuously improving the quality of services rendered to patients.



To continuously provide an efficient and steady clinical supervision system to all members ensuring all service activities given is in accordance with the stipulated acts, regulations and guidelines.



  1. To ensure that the services provided by the Assistant Medical Officers and Health Care Assistants are carried out in a professional, efficient and quality manner at all times in accordance with the guidelines;
  2. To manage human resources efficiently and to optimize the number of staff in a unit or department according to the interest of the service; and
  3. To provide continuous and effective training programs to unit staff. 



  • Implementation of the Assistant Medical Officer’s policy which has been established and approved by the Ministry of Health. Clinical Practice and Enforcement Control, Medical Assistant (Registration) Act 1977, Act 180;
  • Implementation of the Medical Assistant’s Code of Ethics, Practice and Enforcement and Chapter D of the General Order – Public Officers Regulations (Conduct and Discipline) 1993;
  • Managing and supervising the welfare affairs, manpower distribution and the career development for the Assistant Medical Officer, Health Care Assistant and Hospital Porter; In-Service Training Management, Continuing Medical Education (CME) and Continuing Professional Development (CPD) for Assistant Medical Officer;
  • Managing comprehensive and continuous quality development of the Assistant Medical Officer;
  • Supervision assistance, managing and administering Hospital Putrajaya’s services; AND
  • Coordinating Officer for the privatized hospital support services - Facility Engineering and Maintenance Service (FEMS), Biomedical Engineering and Maintenance Service (BEMS) and Clinical Waste Management Services (CWMS).

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