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Department of Forensic Medicine   was one of Support System Putrajaya Hospital. Before, this Department was under Department of Emergency and Trauma. Starting from 5th November 2008, This Department had separated from Department of Emergency and  Trauma. In charge of this Department was  Medical Officer UD 48. Department of Forensic was directly support From Forensic Specialist  Kuala Lumpur Hospital. Department of Forensic Medicine  loted at Lower Ground at Ward Block and had our own pathway.


To serve fast and accurate Forensic facility under quality management for satisfaction of consumer.


Department of Forensic Medicne Putrajaya Hospital will serve excellent and dynamic Forensic facility by using latest technology.


  1. To serve best, fast and effiencien service in receiving, keeping and handling dead body to relatives.
  2. To manage dead body which had no realtives/unwanted with good and efficient.

Main Function

For examine and autopsy to dead body to know cause of death with accurate and fast and also for best service in receiving, keeping and handling dead body and Burial Permit to relatives especially medico legal cases.


This unit was equipped with:-

a) Autopsy Room:

  1. Autopsy Room 1 – 1 room
  2. Autopsy Room 2 – 1 room
  3. Decompose Autopsy Room – 1 room

b) Dead Body storage:-

  1. Storage for Muslim – 4 set
  2. Storage for Non Muslim – 4 set
  3. Storage for decompose – 2 set

c) Mortuary Van:

  1. Muslim – 1 van
  2. Non Muslim – 1 van

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