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Putrajaya Hospital shall be the model Hospital, a centre of excellence of its class with the goal of providing client focused quality care through process excellence and community participation in an environment conducive to competent and committed staff with a progressive mindset.

The Hospital provides basically a secondary level care. Putrajaya Hospital in keeping with its location within the Multimedia Super Corridor is being managed and run based on the Total Hospital Information System (T.H.I.S.).


To become a centre of excellence that provides quality services and compassionate care
through instilling culture of integrity at the workplace.


To serve the nation in general and Putrajaya in particular by :-

(a)   providing high quality health care that is :-
       (i)    safe;
       (ii)   effective;
       (iii)  efficient; and
       (iv)   client focused,

(b)   developing a work force that is :-
       (i)    competent;
       (ii)   disciplined; and
       (iii)  ethical,

(c)   establishing an organisation driven by :-
       (i)    knowledge;
       (ii)   innovation;
       (iii)  integrity; and
       (iv)  trust,

(d)   creating smart partnership with relevant organisations in ensuring delivery of quality health care.


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