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** Notes: This client charter was provided in English Version Only


Client Charter 

  • Patients shall be given treatment that is effective and appropriate to their health problems irrespective of age, sex, ethnicity, religion or social economic status in a professional manner.

  • Patients shall be treated with utmost respect, caring, politeness, and sincerity.

  • Patients’ privacy and confidentiality shall be observed.

  • Patients shall be cared for within a conducive environment that is safe, pleasant and clean.

  • Patients and family members shall be given clear and adequate information regarding their illness, the care management including treatment, procedures and expected risk. Families and carers shall be empowered by educating on continuity of care, health promotion, prevention and rehabilitation.

  • Patients shall be given the choice to opt for alternative treatment methods available as preferred.

  • Patients who require treatment that is not available in the Putrajaya Hospital shall be referred to another appropriate hospital or health institution.


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