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The Nursing Department of Putrajaya Hospital emphasizes the client focus care. The department also places high values on health maintenance and promotion. It demonstrates by On going involvement in activities related to community health services


  • Assists in the formulation of the hospital strategic plan with respect to administrative activities to client care services.
  • Ensures the smooth running of nursing human resources management activities in order to achieve organizational goal.
  • Formulate comprehensive nursing policies and procedures necessary for operationalizing the hospital client care activities.
  • Evaluation of nursing care rendered to ensure the delivery of consistent quality care to client and relatives.
  • Redesigns and ensures flexibility in client care programs.
  • To promote the Human Resource Management criteria supervising, teaching and counseling prior to the performance appraisal of staff concern


Matron Rohayah Binti Talikun 
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Nursing Department,
Putrajaya Hospital, Precinct 7,
Putrajaya, MALAYSIA

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