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Medical Record







Medical Records Department is situated at the ground floor.The main entrance to the Medical Record Department is through administrative lobby. Patient medical records is in electronic form and is monitored jointly by the Department of Information Technology . This is to ensure the functionality and security features of electronic medical records in accordance with guidelines established by Ministry of Health Malaysia

The Medical Record Department is also responsible for the management of the patient physical records (e.g referral letter,ECG,EEG other records not in the system)





 Medical Report Application

Medical report only will be processed by a formal application from patient, relative, insurance company, lawyer, employer etc. Medical report is required for insurance claim, compensation, court proceeding, medical board examination etc.

Basic requirement for medical report application are:

  • Official application by letter(through post) or designated application form (for walk- in application)
  • Patient and treatment’s particular
  • Consent letter (if application other than patient themselves)
  • Payment based on the number and type of the medical report:

RM40.00 - for medical report prepared by medical officer

RM80.00 - for report prepared by specialists

RM200-RM1000 - detailed report by specialists

(Medical report charges for foreigners is double)


The time frame for the report to be ready is within 4 weeks

Management of Hospital’s Statistic

Hospital Statistics generated electronically through the system. Record Department is responsible for the compilation of the report. Medical Record Department must ensure that statistical are in accordance with the ministry’s guideline (HMIS report). HMIS reports must be submitted to the informatics Health Centre Ministry of Health.

The Management of Patient Record

The physical patient records are part of the electronic record which still has to be kept due the legality of the document and practically for future references. Records will not be issued to any unauthorized persons.

The department shall keep the record for the length dictated by Ministry Of Health.






Monday – Thursday 

8.00 a.m - 1.00 p.m
2.00 p.m - 5.00 p.m


8.00 a.m - 12.15 p.m
2.45 p.m - 5.00 p.m




Counter Service         

Telephone                     :  03-8312 4243

Faxs                            :  03-8889 2904


Head of Department    :  Pn Zanariah Binti Abd. Rahim


Telephone                    :  03-8312 4241

E-mail                          :  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  


Location                     : Medical Record Department

          Lower Ground, Putrajaya Hospital

          Percint 7, 62250 Putrajaya



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