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Information Technology

The IT Department of Hospital Putrajaya is located on the lower ground of the Putrajaya Hospital. All THIS (Total Hospital Information System) operation and networking are connected to this department.

To provide, coordinate and manage:

    1. IT functions and operations of the Putrajaya Hospital
    2. Support and maintenance of IT Applications and Office Automation
    3. IT Inventory and requisition
    4. Access right for application, email, file server and access door
    5. In-house system development and multimedia/websites|
    6. IT training


IT Training
All training about system of Putrajaya Hospital will be in charge by IT Department at Training Room.
Training room have 12 computers to trainee our staff of Putrajaya Hospital.

The types of service level description that is managed and provisioned for by the helpdesk :

    1. System operations function
    2. Hardware and software Support Function
    3. Application Support Function
    4. Network support function

Hardware and Software Support and Maintenance
The activities that the Hardware And software Support and maintenance shall cover is :

    1. Hardware and Software corrective maintenance
    2. Hardware and Software preventive maintenance 
    3. Hardware and Software upgrade
    4. Software enhancement
    5. System operation
    6. Data centre
    7. User Support
    8. Network management and
    9. Inventory management
    10. IT Security
    11. Backup and restore 

Contact Person:

Noreen Binti Abd. Rahim
Head of Department

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