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General Medicine


This Department deals with adult medical conditions which do not involve any surgical procedures. It is also known as internal medicine. Common conditions which are seen in this department include diabetes mellitus, high blood pressure, heart diseases, rheumatism, asthma, etc. The main role of this department is to diagnose, treat appropriately and establish the patient on the road to recovery if possible. This involves seeing the patient either as an outpatient in the specialist clinic or managing him/her as an inpatient in the ward.

Facilities and Services

  1. Specialist Clinic. 
  2. Function room- Holter, Lung Function Test, electrocardigram, echocardiogram, stress test.
  3. General Medical Ward.
  4. Executive Ward.


  1. Specialist Outpatient Clinic which is equipped with Lung Function Test, Holter Ambulatory Monitoring, treadmill stress test and echocardiogram. 
  2. Sub-speciality services- Rheumatology service- both outpatient & inpatient care, visiting dermatologist & nephrologist
  3. General Medical Ward. 
  4. Coronary Care Unit.
  5. Day Care Service. 
  6. Haemodialysis Unit.
  7. Health Education.

Day Time Clinic

Friday 8.00AM - 1.00PM
8.00AM - 12.15PM General Medicine

8.00AM - 1.00PM
8.00AM - 1.00PM

2.00PM - 5.00PM
Obesity (Every 2nd week of the month)


8.00AM - 1.00PM
8.00AM - 1.00PM

8.00AM - 1.00PM 
Nefrology (Every 3rd week of the month)

Friday 8.00AM - 12.15PM
Dermatology (Every 1st & 3rd weeks of the month)


Head of Department
Dr. Zanariah Binti Hussein
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Medicine Department,
Putrajaya Hospital, Precinct 7,
62250 Putrajaya

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