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Dietetic & Food Service


The Dietetics and Foodservice Department has two main services which are Dietetics services and Catering Services.

The dietetics services includes Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT) and dietary counseling to patient by the dietitian.

The hospital foodservice services provide meal to all in-patients by outsourcing the services, manages dry and night rations supply to the staff on night shift and monitor the meal services provided to patients, paramedics and On-call Doctors. These services will be monitored by the catering officers.

 The distribution of meals will be carried out by the central porterage service. Dishwashing and cleaning of trolleys will be done in the kitchen.

Mission & Vision

Dietetic & Foodservice Department will strive in developing clinical dietetic service, foodservice and health promotion to support patient treatment in accordance with the vision and mission of the hospital and Ministry of Health Malaysia.


  1.  To ensure normal and therapeutic diets to in-patients , daycare and hemodialysis centre are prepared based on orders.
  2.  To ensure foods are prepared for doctors-on-call and paramedics according to entitlement.
  3.  To ensure night rations are being provided to staff on night shift according to entitlement.
  4.  To ensure ‘medical nutrition theraphy ‘ for oral diet and nutrition support being delivered to patients that are referred to dietitians.
  5.  To supervise trainings for practical food service students and internship dietetics clinical students from local institutions.
  6.  To encourage participation in research and QA study for catering and clinical/ community dietetics.


Our customers are:-

a) Clinical Dietetics

  • All in-patients and out-patients referred by specialist/ doctors
  • Public patient registered in any of the hospital programme
  • Staffs referred by the doctors

b) Food Service

  • In ward patients
  • Daycare patient
  • Hemodialysis patients
  • Doctors-on-call
  • Staffs working on night shift
  • Paramedics in Operation Theathre
  • Patients in L& D
  • Patients in Alternatives Birth Centre



  • -Inpatient
  • -Outpatient - (DIETETIC CLINIC DAY – (Monday – Thursday : 8.30 am – 1.00 pm)
  • -Obesity Clinic
  • -VLCD Clinic
  • -Antenatal / Hemodialisis / Diabetic Class
  • -Nutrition talk


Patients Foodservice Management in Putrajaya Hospital which is the second hospital in Ministry of Health of Malaysia that has been outsourced. The outsourced organization is responsible in providing patient’s food that meets nutrient requirement and abide the food hygiene and food safety principles in line with the current technology. The services rendered must be of quality. All patients in the ward will be served four times a day,classless.

Time of Meals


7.00 am


12.00 pm

Afternoon tea

3.00 pm


6.30 pm

Dietetic & Foodservice Department are responsible in supervising and monitoring all management of food processes involved in the operation and services provide by the outsourced company. Hospital Putrajaya patients Food Services applies Centralized Food Plating Service System an centralized dishwashing in running the service.


Head of Department
Pn Nor Afidah binti Jamaludin
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Dietetic & Food Service Department
Lower Ground Floor, Putrajaya Hospital,
Precinct 7, 62250 Putrajaya.

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