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1Is this hospital a government hospital ?

2Can anybody walk-in to get treatment ?
Referral needed except emergency

3 Do you have specialist in your hospital ?
We have specialists in the following areas: Medicine , Surgery , Paediatrics , Orthopaedics , Ear/Nose & Throat , Eye & Obstetrics & Gynaecology

4Is your hospital situated in the MSC zone ?

5I heard that your hospital is fully IT equiped, is it true ?
Yes , we have what we call a 'Total Hospital Information System'.

6How are your rates ?
For Government servants the rates are the same for any other Government hospitals.
For Non-government (Public) , bed charges is according to type of room ie. Single bedded,
2-bedded or 4-bedded & treatment charges are all 1st class.

7What public facilities do you have in your hospital compound ?
Pay us a visit

8Do you do open heart surgeries in your hospital?
No. However we provide facility for heart assessment prior to referral to IJN for further operative management.

9I am a private practitioner, can I refer my patients to you ?
We accept referral from health clinic, other hospital and GP

10How many beds do you have ?
278 beds and with the ability to expand to 500 beds.

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